Ways I'm Able to Help

TLDR: email me at josh at joshbeckman.org

To better open my experience and privilege as a resource for others, I wanted to take some time to explicitly write down the ways I’m available to help folks on the internet that I don’t already know. This is an initial list that will probably grow, shrink, and change over time. This post and some of the wording in it was heavily inspired by Will Larson’s post on the same topic.

I generally prefer email as a medium for these communications, especially in our initial conversation(s). So if you tweet at me or send a LinkedIn message, don’t expect a [quick] reply.

Note that I am a self-taught, white, straight, cis-gender man without a disability. I will try to:

That said, ways I’m available to help anyone:

Ways I’m available to help BIPOC and women in tech:

Some things I’m not a good resource for:

These lists aren’t comprehensive, but I hope by being explicit about what I’m available to do then folks will feel more comfortable reaching out, For anything that isn’t covered, writing a concise email to inquire is the best route!